It allows you to accurately track and control your affiliate programs and offers detailed reporting. PartnerCentric serves as an affiliate manager as well as a partner relationship manager. It allows you to send email messages to partners and follow their progress. It also has a partner recruiting tool but no rewards, attribution reporting, or other features that a successful affiliate network may require. Just like other solutions mentioned in this article, Scaleo provides all the utilities to track, analyze, and optimize your affiliate programs. The best part about this is that if you are currently using any other software, the Scaleo team will effortlessly transfer your entire affiliate program to Scaleo.

affiliate management software

If you have selected a platform and you are experiencing difficulty, many of the affiliate management software platforms have customer representatives. These representatives are there to help you troubleshoot issues and learn how to use the platform. Take advantage of this feature by calling and asking for help or guidance. IDevAffiliate affiliate management software that helps affiliate managers to manage affiliate programs and campaigns. Affiliate Management Software SolutionsA well-designed affiliate management system will allow you to manage all of your affiliates in one place. You may recruit and manage your affiliates by segmenting them based on their performance and preferences, and you can choose what sort of payment is appropriate for each segment.

How Does Affiliate Software Work?

LinkMink is an affiliate management software that provides affiliate managers with a variety of different tools to help them manage the affiliate program. One of the top reasons behind the rise of affiliate management programs is the low start-up cost involved in running them. Instead of buying ad space or having an advertising team, affiliates do the work of marketing your brand on their platforms.

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Choose a platform that offers the right integrations and partnerships with other businesses. Make sure that the software is compatible with the payment options you need and the business partners you want to work with. Rewardful is one of the most affordable and reliable affiliate marketing solutions.

You and your affiliates get insights on their performance like clicks, conversions, etc. Post Affiliate Pro according to me, is one of the best affiliate management software that a business could get. You should be self-sufficient to install and run the affiliate management software by yourself.

Compare All Affiliate Software

It helps you build, manage, and improve your current partner programs with its strong set of features, including customizable dashboards, white labelling, and efficiently saved reports. Post Affiliate Pro allows you to manage commission pay-outs, functions as an automated affiliate marketing software and allows you to access your merchant panel. It is affiliated with over 170 major Content Management Systems and payment gateways, like Stripe, PayPal, WordPress, Shopify, and more. In addition, the software is loaded with many dedicated features for affiliates. These include payout management, email automation, conversion tracking, and thorough reporting. OSI Affiliate is a comprehensive Customer Referral Solution providing cloud-based affiliate marketing management services for advertisers and marketers.

This way you don’t have to manually send the payments to partners individually. Affiliate Portal – You should also check if the software offers affiliate portals for your approved affiliate partners. Here, they will be able to get their unique affiliate link, track their performance, access promotional resources, and also monitor commission payouts. This affiliate marketing tracking platform makes it easy to give your customers, partners, and supporters a reason to shout about your products from the rooftops.

affiliate management software

OSI Affiliate is one such software that instantly grants affiliate or influencer access to your customers. Additionally, new affiliates can also sign up and onboard automatically. Scale – Similarly, for advanced features and higher revenue generation of up to $200K with a 0.5% overage charge, you’d have to pay $299/month. First things first, Scaleo offers all the flexibility and resources to transform the Scaleo dashboard to match your brand colors & themes. Additionally, you also get to connect your custom domain with other customization options. In affiliate marketing, you, a business owner, are referred to as a vendor or merchant.

How To Choose The Best Affiliate Management Software?

Cloud Service and Self Hosted, there are different pricing for them. Plus – Next, to be able to install and use the plugin on 3 sites, you’d have to pay $199/year. While we know that plugins contribute to the overall speed and performance of a WordPress website, AffiliateWP ensures that your site stays blazing fast.

  • The benefit of allowing affiliates to work from nearly anywhere (at home, while traveling, in the grocery store, etc.) is appealing to many people.
  • With the capability to show data related to your clicks, leads, and conversions, you can retarget the right audience.
  • This dashboard will function as a hub for your affiliates from where they can access their unique tracking link and creatives.
  • Automated Commission Payouts – It would be very convenient for you if the affiliate management software supports automatic payouts of affiliate commissions.
  • Focus your time and energy here, where it is generating you the most revenue.
  • It allows you to keep track of your earnings and commissions from a single dashboard.
  • With unique UI, it comes with dozens of affiliate-friendly features and seamlessly integrates with lots of other online marketing tools and payment gateways.

The software should be easy to install without requiring any tool or plug-in to work. The ideal software will have all the necessary tools integrated into it so that you will not need any HTML knowledge to get started with. Affiliate marketing allows your brand to be viewed by thousands of people very quickly. Affiliate marketing affiliate management software often allows your brand to reach a broader audience in a more timely manner. Affiliate marketing can reach a more diverse audience through technology, giving your brand or company exposure it might not have otherwise. Choose one that offers everything you require and your digital marketing business will run smoothly.

Partnerstack Top Features

With an anti-fraud detection feature, your software can identify any repeated sign-ups or orders from the same IP location and let you block them. You also don’t have to hire an accountant as the software has built-in features to calculate commissions based on your setting per offer and report your sales earnings. Clickmagick is another ad performance tracking tool, which helps you channel your efforts and resources effectively by showing you where you’re getting the most profitable traffic.

Many registered affiliates have all but abandoned their businesses plans, making them useless for promoting your brand. Affiliate marketing can be highly lucrative for both the business and the partner involved. What started as a niche way to earn a little extra income has now become a fully-fledged industry unto itself.

affiliate management software

In addition to all the core features, you’d get a lead management system as well. Once your trial ends, you will then have to upgrade to one of its three subscription plans. Talking about billing flexibility, you get to choose either monthly or yearly billing cycles. Moreover, you can also select the currency from US Dollars, Pounds, or Euros. Fraud Detection – To ensure that you don’t get cheated on, the software must be efficient enough to flag any suspicious activity from your affiliate partners. Additionally, you should be able to ban certain partners from within the software.


It can be for different products or services or any special occasion. Unless your software allows running more than one programs at a time, you have to again look for the alternatives. Therefore, always go for the software that allows unlimited affiliate programs to run in one installation. It also has a built-in affiliate training program to help affiliates get started with creating affiliate marketing campaigns on the various affiliate networks that they are signed up in. PayKickStart affiliate tracking and management tool provide affiliate managers the ability to create affiliate campaigns, manage affiliate promotions. The iDevAffiliate platform is the perfect solution for most of your referral marketing needs.

affiliate management software

Many businesses are using Affiliate Management Software Solutions to use customers as marketers for their products and services. This arises as public input has grown important in influencing consumer purchasing decisions. Enterprise – Lastly, this plan has a price tag of $299/month and has 0% transaction fees and no limits on monthly affiliate revenue. It includes some advanced features like 100 affiliate finder credits, custom agreement, custom domain, double-sided incentives, etc. There are three pricing plans with monthly subscriptions and the pricing is built on the number of clicks in a month or traffic.

And because it’s so simple to use, you can have your software up and running in minutes. It also enables you to grow your affiliate discovery and outreach initiatives and reach out to high-potential partners. You may pick between a freemium and a premium edition with managed services. This allows you to focus on the long-term management of your affiliate marketing channel rather than the day-to-day operations. You may also start using the program for free as soon as you decide to utilize it.

Income Access

Moreover, if you later face any difficulties while setting up your account, you’d get 24/7 customer support. Not to forget, it also offers various 3rd party integrations and API to help you create a custom affiliate management solution. Many affiliate management software platforms are specially created for ecommerce and brands that sell products, but not Referral Rock.

Also, very few software charge extra on the basis of monthly SEO support through add-ons. Almost all software gives you free set up advice, help you in listing directories and charge almost nothing on transactions. This platform is virtually a one-stop-shop for marketers as it offers campaign development, webpage building, email marketing, affiliate management, and more. You can also enjoy real-time tracking of each affiliate’s performance. Check out this detailed review of the best affiliate management software solutions.

Not only for you as a vendor but also for your affiliates, PayKickStart will provide an extensive leads and sales tracking module. You can track your performance for the day, week, month, or for custom range. One of the best features in PartnerStack is the automated partner payout. With the help of this feature, PartnerStack pays your affiliate partners on your behalf and you will get a single monthly invoice of the total paid amount.

What Are The Benefits Of Affiliate Software?

To ensure there’s no miscommunication between you and your affiliate, create a contract that spells out your expectations , commission structure, and the duration of your relationship . Tell affiliates how soon they can hear from you if you review applications before accepting them. Besides our recommended software, you may also visit software review sites and go to the official websites of the platforms to learn about their specialization. However, you’ll need to pay $100/day for any custom changes to the application. You can also set up notifications for positive or negative trends such as if your conversions or your ROI plunges within three hours or when you hit your campaign targets. Enterprise ($299 per month with no transaction fee and no revenue limit.) Annual plan holders get two months free.

The third-party add-ons are simply the integration options offered by AffiliateWP. Besides this, LeadDyno also proudly boasts about its elite customer support via email, live chat, and phone calls. Due to this, it has an average rating of 4.3 and 3.9 on Capterra and G2 Crowd respectively. All in all, LeadDyno packs all the essential affiliate tracking tools to make it one of the top choices.

Many software applications give you access to elite articles and notes on boosting your business through easy tricks. You may find those useful and may certainly implement them at no additional fees. Some also provide free weekly webinars and individual guidance sessions to help their buyers stick with them forever. Our score is based on user satisfaction (reviews & ratings), social media buzz, online presence, and other relevant information.

Get user feedback about the use and payment modes of the platform you’re eyeing. Affiliate software can scale with you as you take in more partners under your wing. This platform became popular among new online entrepreneurs during its 2016 launch for its shopping cart solution.

Any software is termed as the best due to various factors but the most crucial is its characteristics. Instead, there’s a checklist of key features that you must look for in the software. But according to me, the strategy that excels is affiliate marketing. You can easily reward the successful conversions as the software does that for you through trackers. The software should provide a natural mean to integrate it with other systems such as a merchant site or a payment gateway system. Most people do not know about such requirements and end up paying more to the software makers as add-ons.