"Seattrekking is the adventure of absolutely free travel along the coast to water and land. What matters is reduction and relying on one's own intuition and body. And the unique connection to nature, which you experience when you live so intensely for a while out there. "

Bernhard Wache - founder of Seatrekking

The path of the Seatrekker

At the center of Seatrekking is the elemental nature experience of the power of the ocean.
The search for the BlueOut, the immersion in the crystal clear, living, three-dimensional space of water, preferably with visibility over 25 meters. Along cliffs, mangroves, reef edges, - between island worlds and off shore trails - in the alternation of freediving and track. Challenged by the vastness, depth and vitality of the ocean, its swells, jets and drifts and its silence. A trail usually lasts for several days and is spent overnight in the wilderness.

Expedition & Trail

The goal is the water, the ocean, but the way overland to the Ocean Trails is inextricably linked to real seat-trekking. The land, mountains, jungles, lakes, rivers, roads, cities, encounters with the locals ... - all this is part of a seat trekking trail. The minimal equipment allows this freedom and experience. Whether on foot, motorcycle, bus or plane. The change between earth and water, civilization and wilderness forms a perfect trail. You go your own way.


Seatrekking at a glance


Freestyle Freediving

Hiking and Climbing

Bivouac & Outdoor

Route planning



Weather & Currents



Seatrekking is emerging. It grows with you and every unknown trail that extends the possibilities of this sport. The trail areas strongly define the profession of Seatrekker. There are trails to mountain lakes in the high alpine mountains or in connection with Caneoing over the streams of the coastal mountains down to the sea and then on to the sea. Trail routes along overhangs and cliffs alternating between rock-climbing (deep water solo) and quite relaxed drifting under the cliffs of the coastline.

The sportive challenge

Our playground is the "Blue Crystal". We move in the three-dimensional space of the water beyond the vertical descent of the apnea along a line. This Move is based on the marine animals themselves. We call it Freestyle Freediving. We are looking for the challenge of the sea. The jets along the reef, the pull in the wave, the thunderstorm of the surf over our heads. The perfect line just below the water surface at the track make over long distances. The floating in the weightless and the flight through the blue expanse - the smallest fin stroke gives us a new direction. Free and weightless in our element.

Reduction to the essentials

In the beginning there is confidence in the basic abilities of one's body and the courage to embrace the vastness of the sea. This first step is essential and opens the horizon for the sport. All your experiences grow from trail to trail. Every night and every day outdoors.


The trail over 24 hours

Seatrekking is not a one-day trip. A trail runs over several days, as it is the most natural thing in the world to experience a landscape over day and night. As a result, he is elementary experience and real. There are new sensations between water and land, and the time we have on a trail opens our eyes.