a Guide

Why become a guide?

People need guides who take them on a trail and who have the knowledge and sufficient outdoor experience. If you already have freediving skills you are perfect to become a guide. What you need to do? Just watch out for the next Guide Camp or send us an E-mail.

"I live by the sea, where I'm out most of the time or in the sea. Seatrekking is the perfect way of life. I can pass on my knowledge and open people's eyes how we deal with nature and should move within. "

Björn Brand
Seatrekking Guide & free diving instructor



Kick your experience in the underwater world

Freestyle Freediving is freediving without extreme focus to depth. It trains to handle the various underwater forces with their complex characteristics. Depth is one of them. Flow, drift and waves, the three-dimensional space in the water, the underwater landscapes and marine life are further challenges. The movement profile and fun of marine mammals in the element of water inspires the movement of Freestyle Free Diving. Although for us the options are out of reach: the way how to use the power of water itself, opens up a whole new body experience. This challenge marks the freediving techniques while Seatrekking. The capacities of a guide include the be able to pass on the possibilities and requirements of freediving during Seatrekking and to encourage an individual development.

Be Part
of Nature

Be part of nature and learn how to get along.

Seatrekking is primarily a way of life - besides the sportive profession. it is essential to be able to move in accordance with your trail area. A Guide has the awareness, the knowledge and experience to live and to share this basic connection between man and nature. The physical experience of wild nature can change people in a profound way: it leaves a very individual respect for the value of wilderness, biodiversity and the relationship between man and nature arise.


Go your own way and take responsibility

Seatrekking is an individual sport. Individual responsibility becomes a high priority. As guide you promote the individual approaches of each individual and give them the freedom but also the safety to find their own personal way while Seatrekking. A Seatrekker who owns the time to predictively and respectfully immerse into nature, learns the sport a lot easier.

your own

Lead your group and stay in the flow.

Seatrekking is not a mass sport. A group has a maximum of 6 participants, which travels trhough vast regions for several days sometimes. This experience can create deep emotions and change peoples perspective. A Seatrekking guide acts more as a coach. He knows the moments of happiness, fear or overwhelm and connects them to the student with the meaning which wild nature can reveal: our freedom and our self-image. This sort of "kick" can be transormed into respect and an intense sportive experience.