Now, the date is set! The Gathering for our Seatrekking adventure in the Andaman Sea: 15.2. - 03/02/2017
If you are an experienced and responsible outdoor sports and love adventure and are not camera-shy, then this is something for you! Because it is a very special trail between the various island regions of the Andaman Sea, including lagoons, wild beaches, mangroves and cliffs, jungles and shallow bays, mountains and sea, civilization and wilderness ...


Between the island worlds of the Andaman Sea, including: Koh Surin, Koh Prathong, Koh Ra, Koh Rok Noi, Koh Lipe, Koh Rawi, Koh Tarutao. Places and routes will be discussed and selected together and depend on the expected weather conditions.

The Trail lives from the wild landscapes and underwater and the complex route profile (quiet lagoons and Swell, mangroves and cliffs, jungle and shallow bays, mountains and sea, civilization and wilderness ...) which promises a varied and adventurous experience. Although Visability is not always optimal, and sometimes we will have to deal with it, but also a part of this great adventure now. Even better then the clear sea regions around Koh Surin and Koh Rawi and Koh Rok. The individual spots are very different in character, the possible trail distances and their level of difficulty (currents, rescue chain, supply situation). The infrastructure in Thailand, however, is unbeatable and travel is therefore very easy.

Thailand is a little the "Paradise Lost" and now marked by strong tourism. A trail in this country can not hide, but to win it even in a sense its power. to Find the erstwhile paradise and exactly also find these pristine spots repeatedly, makes this region so exciting.

Thailand is a "Traveller Meltingpot" with a variety of subcultures. The contrast between traveler's life and loneliness is very high here. The wild seascapes open only through Seatrekking, often in the "blind spot" of tourism.

For such an adventure course it requires some skills: freediving skills, experience with elemental forces of nature, Bivakieren, individual trips, mental and physical fitness are therefore prerequisites.

This trail is a Gathering - everyone drives responsibly with. If you no Big Pack - the sports equipment for Seatrekking - has, you can borrow it for a fee from us. The detailed list of additional equipment we talk through together.

You like challenges, are extremely fit, love the tropical climate and feel at home in water? You are not camera shy yet tendierst you about the attached poses? Send us an e-mail with a short profile and your sporting background and a few photos of you to:


Photo Credit: Bernhard Wache
Author: Martina Schlüter
Munich, 16.Dez 2016