New Year - New Mission! The "Ocean Experience Workshop" offer freediving expert Nik Linder and Seatrekking pioneer Bernhard Wache an intensive examination of the element and thus teach associated techniques. Self experience in the Blue Out include proper breathing, the testing of weightlessness, the infinite space and of course the basic techniques of Seatrekkings. More information and [...]


Professional Camp 2018th Since the troops had once again lucky with the weather! Which not only drew the Professional freediver to Lake Constance, but of course a lot of tourists. Nik Linder and Bernhard Wache already planning the camp for the next year and is already scouting a new location. "We have great feedback," said Nik, [...]

POW WOW Festival 2018

Also this year there will be a Seatrekking meeting on the island of Cres: 4 days casual rudimentary outdoor living on a private beach in community with like-minded people. Everybody brings their own equipment and their own picnic lunch. When: 12 - 15 July 2018 Where: Brsec, Croatia Equipment and Catering independently bring who Seatrekking one bag for [...]


The real sea nomads - the Moken - to meet and for a time to live with them .. Bernhard, Aegir, Thilo and Martin have made this dream a reality. Aegir has documented the journey and not only shows the beauty of Asian islands, but also gives impetus to the problems that this fascinating[...]


This year will again give you the opportunity to experience the sport in its basics and the necessary know-how to collect on the way to Seatrekking Guide apnea guru Nikolay Linder aka Nik and Seatrekking founder Bernhard guard. Why a way? Because it is primarily the experience itself [...]


The new community page www.seatrekking.org is finally a new platform created for all individual Seatrekker. Here you can plan your own routes, share and exchange knowledge you. Check it out! www.seatrekking.org