Unity of man and nature

Stepping into the Seatrekking as sport is to want to experience as an actual part of wild nature. to find our place in this framework, to learn from animals and plants and to recognize a landscape and to interpret, to leave no foreign objects in it. Because this is not to take from this equation out, but to go with her. immersed in the silence and grandeur of wild nature and inspired by it and to be challenged.

On a Trail sporting challenge merges the Seatrekking with an intense, physical experience of nature. A deepening confrontation with the elements, animals, plants, the specific characteristics of the ecosystem and the landscape below and above water is possible.

Sensitization Experience

All together to make the current experience only times to luck, but at the same time an intense awareness of the preciousness of the living world. This connectedness, and to growing trail of trail experience to take home. They changed us, bundled into a strong, individual and persuasive voice for nature.

The Seatrekker does not dominate his trail area, but it merges with landscape and biosphere. The movement profile of sport speaks a mindful, connecting language. The movement on the water surface is horizontal not vertical. The visual impact is reduced to a minimum, the movements are calm and flowing. The perfect move is noiseless as with seals, dolphins or otters - without hectic movements that only counteract the flow.

Seatrekking's first movers develop specially-managed trails that work in close collaboration with nature reserves and marine protected areas. The attentive, respectful profile of the sport allows itineraries in these regions to consciously cultivate and recall our original, harmonious connection with landscapes and animals. Here Seatrekking opens up its very special potential as a highly sensitive nature sport and gift to every attentive and conscious outdoor athlete and nature lover.

The sport opens up a holistic view of a marine region. The Seatrekker experiences an ecosystem not only selectively or for a few hours, but multi-layered over several kilometers. This approach creates a deep understanding of life in the sea, its uniqueness and fragility. The consequence of this is the commitment to the protection of the seas. He comes from the simple feeling that this habitat of our insatiable greed is not revealed.

What the Seatrekking Ocean community can do for the planet ...

  • Sensitization of Seatrekker for the ocean ecosystem and its coastal areas through personal experience (intact and damaged natural areas)
  • Controlling Seatrekker's education on how to move and behave in and with nature without leaving a trace or damaging the ecosystem
  • Cooperation with nature parks to recognize and preserve the interests of sport and nature parks
  • Bridge between a sports youth culture and nature conservation through "WATCH THE SEA": Activation of the community by linking to organizations for eco-tourism, beach cleaning, awareness campaigns about various actions, sustainable products and interesting topics
  • Development of a knowledge platform for data delivery for marine research
  • Awareness raising in society - "voice for the voice of the ocean"