Professional Camp 2018th Since the troops had once again lucky with the weather! Which not only drew the Professional freediver to Lake Constance, but of course a lot of tourists. Nik Linder and Bernhard Wache already planning the camp for the next year and is already scouting a new location.

"We have great feedback," says Nik, who accompanied the freediver expert group. In addition to the basic knowledge of sports and equipment, participants had the opportunity equal with a few days later abutting to beginners implement what they have learned. As demand this year was higher, so let's hope that soon new guides can gain experience through more Seatrekking trails away. Because the learning areas are widely diversified in this outdoor sport: experience in terms of weather, current, bivouac, emergency planning and of course the trail planning and mentoring a group. Now we hope that there will soon be new training camps with the following guides. Perfect conditions bring indeed some already: very good freediving skills, outdoor skills and even expertise in adventure education.

To be continued!

Thank everyone involved for being there and until next time!