What triggers you to go into ice-cold water and swim the sea cliff along? I have asked this question Aegir and his answer straight forward and easy read: ". To test it"
One thing is certain, the curiosity water adventure started early with him and his brother. For many years they trekked along the coast and swam or climbed ashore. This Seatrekkingtrail was an opportunity to try something new. Starting from Marseille both their trail initially started walking up to the impressive rocky coast Les Calanques in southern France. In times of Mistral water temperatures can drop dramatically here. With a good wetsuit although you can in 10 degrees cold water swim a while and free diving, but it needs a lot Outdoor fever, to face this icy adventure. For the advancement opportunities are rare along this cliff and the trail must be well planned.

But the two brothers dare the trail. Trained by many years of endurance swimming they move in the cold water fast-forward and can be kept warm therethrough. Excellent precision Trail planning, they naturally know at which points they can get. Here you can leave nothing to chance. Yet they still face other challenges right in the Night: The cold wind whistles over the rocks on which they want to bivouac and not letting it half the night schlafen.Egal if one is abbrechen..nein ever here. A Mistral lies down again. And in fact, with a little luck, the two their trail can continue.

And while the two so snorkel over the deep blue waters, always dragging their luggage behind, falls on them once a fairly atypical flashes in depth. Certainly no fish ... then what? They hold their breath and dive down into the depths. What they find down there on the seabed, they have actually never seen in all the years of their adventures in the sea. Immerse a real gun up ... A revolver in the sea? Well, Marseille said to have been a criminal paving yes. To assume that this is a relic of ancient times. The two free divers passed the case along with the discovery of the local police. The zoom engaged with the next best speedboat and receives the proof object in reception. Whether the so both can reveal a still unsolved criminal case? Nor do we know anything, but let's wait.

At the end of the day their unusual adventure will be rewarded. With the most glorious night skies in stunning views.

Thank you for the beautiful pictures, Aegyr Heyerdahl and brother !!