Australia - it is thought primarily to the surf. But there are coastal areas that are just as ideal for Seatrekking. Julian has met Marlon Quinn of Watemaarq freediving, who is also founder of the Melbourne Free Divers Club and knows very well in the region. Of course there are in Australia's waters sharks and how to behave when meeting with the animals is part of his free diving courses. Just as well you can begegnen..und but also dolphins and whales alone this is a European who is accustomed to quite-fished Mediterranean Sea, a fascination and an experience in itself! Julian any case had the great fortune. Anyone interested has at one Seatrekking Trail in Australia who writes us or turns to right Marlon.


Photo Credit: Julian Mühlmeier and Marlon Quinn
Author: Martina Schlüter
Munich, April 18, 2017