Glossary Of Business Terms

Leverage our broad ecosystem of partners and resources to build and augment your data investments. Insurance Mitigate risks and optimize underwriting, claims, annuities, policy administration, and more with trustworthy data. Retail Rely on Collibra to drive personalized omnichannel experiences, build customer loyalty and help keep sensitive data protected and secure. Healthcare Put healthy data in the hands of analysts and researchers to improve diagnostics, personalize patient care and safeguard protected health information.

  • The PVF structure gives an individual full downside protection and allows for partial participation in the upside.
  • The board promotes an executive to the role of president or chief operating officer where he or she is groomed to take the place of the existing CEO.
  • ABC Agreement– a contract between a brokerage firm and one of its employees regarding the New York Stock Exchange’s (NYSE’s) membership.
  • Normalized Earnings—economic benefits adjusted for nonrecurring, noneconomic, or other unusual items to eliminate anomalies and/or facilitate comparisons.
  • The directors inform the shareholders about the business’ profits or losses, why it performed how it did, and what its strategy is.

Other facilities require that an event contract be drawn up by the Business Contracts Office. The federal contracts negotiated by The University of Texas at Austin refer to businesses as small business concerns. A business concern is a business entity organized for profit, with a place of business located in the United States. A business concern may be a sole proprietorship, partnership, corporation, or any other legal form. Includes word processing, data entry, data retrieval, data search, collection of information, payroll and business accounting data production, and other information storage or manipulation.

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Hire consultants to assist in the compensation process, as appropriate. Companies are required to include a section in the annual report explaining whether they are in compliance with these standards. Board members are limited to serving on no more than ten committees across all boards to which they are elected. Practices, procedures, or routines which are shown to improve financial and nonfinancial outcomes, on average and across a large number of firms. A contract for the use of, or a term interest in, any item in this list. This term is commonly used to describe a PowerPoint presentation. You could think of it as a “deck” of PowerPoint slides.

Glossary Of Business Terms

It involves adding layer after layer until the product is finished. Active Portfolio Strategy– an investment strategy that attempts to increase the value of a portfolio by using a wide range of methods to evaluate which bonds or stocks will generate the most gains. Accrued Interest– the interest that a security accumulates since the principal investment . It is also the interest that has built up on a loan.

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Similarly, it can be difficult to navigate through the glossary due to its volume. Use the business glossary as a navigation mechanism for hierarchies. For example, you can use a glossary as a logical structure to group objects for each department. Risk Premium—a rate of return added to a risk-free rate to reflect risk. Portfolio Discount—an amount or percentage deducted from the value of a business enterprise to reflect the fact that it owns dissimilar operations or assets that do not fit well together. Present Value—the value, as of a specified date, of future economic benefits and/or proceeds from sale, calculated using an appropriate discount rate. Non-Operating Assets—assets not necessary to ongoing operations of the business enterprise.

Glossary of Terms – CIPS

Glossary of Terms.

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It shows the percentage of revenue after the costs of all goods have been deducted. A business glossary is vital to lay the grounds for data governance in an organization. The people responsible for building the business glossary cannot know everything about every data set. They may lack domain expertise or contextual information, which leads to incomplete glossary terms and inaccurate linking of glossary terms to data.

Glossary of Terms

The World Wide Web refers to the web these links create. New Business Organization & PartnershipsJust-In-TimeThe controlling of inventory so that materials are delivered just-in-time for assembly or manufacture. How to NegotiateDemographic Glossary Of Business Terms ReportPopulation statistics based on U.S. census data. Small Business Start-Up & Marketing StrategiesCertificate of InsuranceYour landlord will require you to furnish this as proof of your insurance coverage.

Glossary Of Business Terms

Limited Appraisal—the act or process of determining the value of a business, business ownership interest, security, or intangible asset with limitations in analyses, procedures, or scope. Auto Financing– methods of borrowing money to buy a car, also called vehicle financing and car financing. The money is lent by a bank, credit union or other financial institution. Auto financing is used widely by both individual purchasers and companies. Companies tend to go for contract hire, because of the tax and cash flow benefits.