Safety within the system is guaranteed by an authorization process that enables access only for approved individuals. Most mobile apps support authentication with an email address or social media account. To implement social logins, use tools such as Facebook SDK and Twitter Kit. In addition to scheduling trips, a navigation app can guide users to the parking lot that’s closest to their destination. For example, if a driver’s destination is a mall, the app can offer to set the destination as the closest parking lot. This is really a godsend when drivers are in unfamiliar places.

These include restaurant services, the advanced automotive industry, Google services , and even the maritime, military, and aviation industry. Also, food delivery mobile apps allow users to save their favorite addresses, which reduces the amount of data processed by the geolocation server every session. You can also leave a rating at all the restaurants you visit, allowing other users to access that same info. To bring your idea to reality, you and your app development team need to put your idea down on paper and develop a storyboard. Subsequently, the storyboard, wireframes, and mockups will help to determine the geolocation app’s potency and market performance. Some world-renowned companies that use geolocation-reliant apps for optimum functionality include Airbnb, UberEats, and Foursquare.

When users click on a “map view”, they will see various locations marked with blue dots. For example, such apps as Instagram and Snapchat come with a map view that enables users to add geotags to their posts. On-demand apps connect users with different service providers and vice versa. Simply put, such apps allow users to order any kind of service and get it in minutes. Fast-forward to 2020, when the COVID-19 pandemic changed the world we live in. Because of the global coronavirus outbreak, people started relying more heavily on in-app location tracking.

What technologies are required to build a GPS app

However, you can’t skip this stage as this research will help you build the right app suited to the needs of your targeted audience. With that said, the main reason for GPS application development being in demand is combining location tracking itself with other useful time- and energy-saving services. Try to add value to your mobile product by using geo-tracking without showing a map. It’s a foolproof way to building a geolocation app that excites people.

How to create a location-based app for Android and iOS

Geofencing — a well-known locating technology with a radius of coverage up to 500 meters. A-GPS. Assisted GPS generates information from the satellite and the server and sends the data online over Wi-Fi or a cellular connection. Citizens of different countries have different traditions and interests. Google Maps, MapBox, OpenStreetMap are all pretty sound choices. Always pick Google Maps if you want to build your app using Flutter.

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When data is transmitted, it can be intercepted or altered by attackers which puts the privacy of users at risk. If you develop a GPS coordinate app for Android, use the Network Security Configuration feature. Google solutions are popular as they combine great design with ease of implementation. However, there are also a plethora of alternative technologies, which include TripAdvisor API, Yelp API, and Facebook Places. If you are interested in receiving the answer to the question of how to create a location-based app for iOS OS, check out possible tech stacks in the table below. The RSSI approach locates a user with the help of Wi-Fi points.

Technologies for Outdoor Geolocator App

For driving apps, it is a necessity to provide a hands-free option for every action. Waze even offers a customised service featuring users’ own voices. Visualising routes with augmented reality andurban visual positioningare also among the navigation trends applications should incorporate. Competing with Google Maps,Mapbox introduced a new software development kitfor AR navigation.

What technologies are required to build a GPS app

Location monitoring is essential for everything from deliveries to logistics and online taxi services. Delivery orders may be tracked, which is helpful in travel apps. Before the application can be developed, you need to figure out what features are essential and what you want to include in order for the app’s performance to be optimal. Minimum Viable Product is your greatest bet when getting started.

The concept of Waze

In essence, travel plans let drivers set destinations for future dates. When it’s time to go, they can start navigating with just a few taps. It would be a great idea to make your app remind users when it’s time to leave so that they’ll arrive on time. Planned trips can be added to calendars and shared by email and Facebook.

What technologies are required to build a GPS app

You can create a GPS tracking app for Android or iOS to cover the needs of your users, but the key focus should lie on the features of your geolocation app. These numerous geolocation map services are useful in a variety of ways for GPS users worldwide and are most exemplified by the popular Google Maps GPS app. The correct data at the right time gives access to live technological solutions using these apps. So, it is little wonder then that there would be an app for finding the location of people, places, and things worldwide!


Mapbox Studio — this service features an independent ecosystem for designers to create and manage geolocation data. The interface allows developers to explore their creativity to come up with fantastic map designs. It’s better to start with MVP building that will help you to test the idea without investing a pretty penny in creating a full-fledged app. MVP model includes vital functionality that meets users’ basic needs. After getting initial feedback, it’s possible to add more complex features. For determining the location of the user, looking for things, and visualizing the path, Waze location tracking makes use of the navigation system.

Hotel and rental apps like and Airbnb make a use of GPS technology to let clients communicate their experiences. It is no wonder that using GPS data gives developers a leg up on crafting a personalized user experience in any niche or business sphere. To support this trend, just imagine the astounding fact that 74% of smartphone users in the USA turn to their mobile devices to find location-based information. At MindK, we recommend using the cloud-native approach for most of our new clients. Such applications are inherently more scalable, resilient, easy to monitor, and update without disrupting the user experience. Google Distance Matrix API – provide directions and plan routes for public transit, cycling, walking, and driving.

  • Users get points for different actions in the app, like sharing road information or for kilometers driven with the app.
  • After all, the main aim of design is to enhance the experience for users.
  • However, statistically, 41% of US drivers get lost because mapping apps show the incorrect physical location.
  • Cellular ID is an essential component of geolocation because it is unique for every device.

“Find my friends” app is an excellent example of how to build a secure GPS-based app. But the white-line of ethics shifts to gray when clients are unwarned about being tracked, and only one side takes advantage of obtained information. For example, the Girls Around Me app made it possible for male users to track the women’s location nearby, which often had negative effects. New marketing approaches are all about collecting private data.

Market Insights of Services that Use Geolocation

The price will depend on the time your team will spend on every step and their hourly rate. In this regard, it makes sense to look for an outsource development team in Eastern Europe. Firstly, here you find a plethora of specialists that know how to create a location-based app. Secondly, hourly rates in Eastern European countries are wallet-friendly. In Ukraine, for example, due to taxation subvention, the average rate of a software developer is 40 USD per hour. After you challenge your geolocation app with testing, you may release it.

What technologies are required to build a GPS app

One of them is the GPS system that most of us use almost every day. UI/UX design may differ in cost depending on the complexity of the UI kit, visual hierarchy, the number of screens, if there will be modern graphic elements or animations, how to build a gps app etc. The expenses will significantly rely on if you need to empower an existing app or create an app from scratch. It’s needed to pick to pieces all the vulnerabilities in third-party entries like frameworks and libraries.

Your GPS app needs to reroute drivers quickly if they make a wrong turn or stumble upon a road accident that prevents them from following the initial directions. Drivers don’t want to wait for several minutes for your app to recalculate the route – they need accurate directions straightaway. Zero-speed takeovers – such digital billboards appear on the device screen when the user comes to a complete stop for at least 3 seconds. You can now probably tell why we chose Waze as our example for this blog post. Even the best team can’t deliver a successful product without proper guidance. If you own a digital product, our Ebook will be a perfect resource for mastering the fundamentals of successful product delivery.

Discover a flexible way to build your application at speed

With this feature, users won’t get lost even in completely unfamiliar areas. A minimum viable product will allow you to get user feedback on the future GPS app without spending a fortune on developing a complete solution. MVPs usually consist of basic features and unique functionality that has to be tested. Learning how target users interact with a product helps app creators adjust it to current customer demands and develop a more effective marketing strategy. To help you kick off the GPS app development project, we decided to explain all the ins and outs of the process. We’ll also outline how to overcome the security issues related to the integration of geolocation in a mobile application.

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Voice integration with Google Assistant or Siri will be an advantage for an app. We frame the product with the required features and integrates the best navigation APIs within the app. Our team develops the app in modules and makes sure every module works perfectly separately as well as on integration, with rigorous testing throughout the process. Quickly and cost-effectively develop location services for online and offline usage.

Use it to identify consumer trends, track repeated buyers, identify promising areas for business, and more. Integrate the data using an Application Programming Interface . In short, API is an interface that helps integrate third-party features, exchange data, and connect systems without the need to develop them from scratch. It allows professional associations and health-related groups to organize local events, host anonymous chat rooms, and request help from members nearby.